LBI School Referendum Date Set as Motion to Consolidate Falls Short

Since the beginning of the year, freshman Long Beach Island Consolidated Board of Education member Eileen Bowker has been tasked with developing a strategic plan for the elementary school district. Coordinating schedules with the New Jersey School Board Association representative charged with helping develop and implement a plan to effectively target the district’s efforts and […]

How to Navigate the HAWK Traffic Signal System at North Beach-Surf City Border

A HAWK (High-intensity Activated CrossWalk) was installed on Long Beach Boulevard at the southern end of North Beach, where that section of Long Beach Township meets Surf City, in 2016. It has since caused some confusion. The crosswalk system features push-button activation for pedestrians; when crossing pedestrians are not present, the signal simply appears off […]

JCTA comments on the NJ Back Bays Coastal Storm Risk Management Study’s Tentative Selective Plan (TSP)

LONG BEACH ISLAND JOINT COUNCIL Of TAXPAYER ASSOCIATIONS 209W 18th Street North Beach Haven, NJ 08008 March 23, 2019 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Planning Division Wanamaker Building 100 Penn Square E. Philadelphia, PA 19107 To Whom It May Concern: The Long Beach Island Joint Council of Taxpayer Associations (JCTA) is hereby submitting comments on […]

New Jersey Back Bays Coastal Storm Risk Management Study Released

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers recently released the Interim Report for the New Jersey Back Bays Coastal Storm Risk Management Study. The objective of the study is to investigate problems and solutions to reduce damages from coastal flooding that affect population, critical infrastructure, property, and ecosystems. The document describes the engineering, economic, social and […]


Water Meter Notice

All residents of Long Beach Township will be required by the State of NJ to install water meters by the end of 2020. Download this notice for general information on meeting this requirement.

We Have to Get a Pumpkin? Already?

It’s hard to believe that Fall is upon us.  We hope you were able to enjoy time on our island with family and friends.  If you were on the beach on Friday, August 24th a few tracts north of the public beach access at 1065, you were treated to a great North Beach water show […]

Property Re-Valuation – October 2018 Update

At our July meeting, Mayor Mancini said later this year, the Township (LBT) will be conducting a re-valuation of all real property in LBT.  Appraisal Systems of Morristown, NJ was awarded the contract.  While the timing has not been finalized, the study could begin around November of this year and is expected to take 9 […]

Up Coming Events

Mark Your Calendar Our 2019 membership meetings are scheduled for Saturday, June 29th and Saturday, September 7th.  In an effort to increase attendance, our June 29th meeting will be a morning meeting.  Notices will be posted. The current schedule of the Causeway Bridge construction calls for a 2022 completion date. Roadwork re-aligning the Ship Bottom […]

Preliminary Base Flood Advisory Maps

Updated Base Flood Elevation Maps (Preliminary version) are due to be released by the end of July, 2013. They are expected to be much more thorough than the Advisory version issued this past winter. They are also reported to be more favorable v/v insurance implications.

Sample Letter Proposed DEP CAFRA Regs

N.J. Department of Environmental Protection Gary Brower, Esq., ATTN: DEP Docket No. 19-06-09/482, Office of Legal Affairs, P.O. Box 402 Trenton, N.J. 08625 November 29, 2006 Dear Mr. Brower, Esq., The NJ Department of Environmental Protection has declared that there are ” different areas and geographic features of the over 1,000 miles of the New […]

‘Shore Tax’ on Online Rentals Targets Rent-It-Yourself Homeowners

By MARIA SCANDALE File Photo by: Ryan Morrill Currently the law requires private homeowners renting out space for less than 90 consecutive days to register with the state and collect the taxes. A new state tax on short-term rentals done through private owners and online marketplaces, set to go into effect Oct. 1, is facing […]

Lotus Project Presents Free 10-Session ‘Series of Self’

For 10 Participants, October to March in Surf City This fall, the Lotus Project introduces a new series of workshops called Series of Self, created by family therapist Meghan Delaney, in collaboration with LBI Community Yoga. The Lotus Project is a nonprofit charitable organization that offers a voice through creative expression for individuals loving a […]