2021 is Here, Now What?

2021 is Here, Now What?

Let’s hope we can get back to some semblance of normal this year.  I imagine it will probably a little different.  Hope for the best.

Vaccine, vaccine, where is the vaccine?  It seems the flood gates have been opened for registration – more that 4 million New Jerseyans are now eligible – but getting needles into arms is slow.  Both approved vaccines require two shots and as of Sunday (Jan. 17th), 308,874 of the first of two doses have been administered, while 39,330 doses were the second shot.  Officials have said New Jersey has the capacity to administer 470,000 doses a day, yet only expects to receive about 100,000 vaccine doses per week for the next four weeks. And the goal is to vaccinate 70% of New Jersey’s residents — or about 4.7 million people — by the end of May?  That’s 9.4 million individual shots! An aggressive schedule, for sure and one that will require a significant increase in vaccine allotment in order to meet.  Estimates put the need at 460,000 doses per week to meet current demand and reach the 4.7 million person estimate.

Revaluation – By now, you should have received your proposed 2021 property assessment done by Appraisal Systems, Inc.  Fo Long Beach Township, the 2020 assessment for all properties was $8,067,490,265.  The proposed 2021 assessment is $10,543,161,400, an average increase of 30.7%.  That is NOT the tax impact.  You can use the Estimated Tax Impact  Worksheet at their website – asinj.com – to get a sense of how your taxes may change.  If you would like a copy of your property record, please send an email to: longbeach@asinj.com.  It may take up to 72 hours to receive your card.  You can contact Appraisal Systems at (201) 493-8530.

Mark Your Calendars – We have set the dates for 2021 meetings for June 26th and September 11th.  We’re not sure an in-person meeting indoors will be feasible at this time.  If not, we will conduct a virtual meeting as we did in June of last year or possibly an outdoor meeting.  

Stay safe.  Stay healthy.

Bill Walsh
President, NBTA