Beautification Committee

For more than 25 years the North Beach Taxpayers’ Association’s Beautification Committee has been working to maintain and improve the appearance of the Long Beach Boulevard corridor through North Beach. The effort started modestly enough; we had the simple idea of a median-located sign in the southern end welcoming passers-by to North Beach. With no money to pay for this project, we worked closely with Ocean County officials to provide some basic landscaping to surround a donation-funded sign. The successful effort was later enhanced with some new (and resident-donated) professional landscaping, sprinkler system, and a new lighted sign and flagpole, which we have to this day.

Since this early beginning, the Beautification Committee has undertaken numerous projects, including involvement in the last Boulevard re-pavement. The group was able to include some NBTA member preferences in the project, including shoulder widening, bicycle-proof storm drain covers, and our attractive sloped curbing along the median. More recent additions include a resident-donated complete median garden, with sprinkler system, at the Harvey Cedars border.

The Committee continues to work, not only on the ongoing maintenance of these projects, but also on new endeavors to improve the area. While waiting for median-located sewer main improvements so we hopefully install additional median plantings, we will be working on the re-furbished tennis court/pump station tract, and well as providing some input to the County on the re-pave of Long Beach Boulevard.

As always, the Committee seeks and appreciates your donations toward these efforts. The NBTA has been able to accomplish quite a bit as a result.

–Bob Van Buren, Chair