Long Beach Township has recently adopted an ordinance pertaining to outdoor signs.

The ordinance imposes a number of restrictions and prohibitions on where signs may be placed that advertise properties for sale and for rent.  The full text of the ordinance is available in the NBTA Issues and Announcement Section on our website.

For Sale signs are limited to one sign on any property provided that the sign is located entirely within the property to which the sign applies. One additional sign is permitted where a property has an excess of 300 feet of frontage or fronts on 2 streets.  All for sale signs must be removed within 15 days after the sale has been consummated.

For Rent signs are limited to one per property and shall not be permitted outside on the property. They shall only be displayed on the interior of 1 window located on the property.  One additional interior for rent sign is permitted in one additional window where are property fronts on 2 streets.

21-04C copy