Mayor Mancini’s Memorial Day Message

Hi All – Friday afternoon, Mayor Mancini delivered a Memorial Day weekend message via the Long Beach Township Facebook page.   We have summarized it here for your review.

What’s Still Closed

  • All public restrooms, Bayview Park, Holgate parking, all town gazebos, Terrace Beach, playgrounds, dog park, pickleball and tennis courts.
  • All restaurants and bars are closed for inside dining.  Curbside and delivery service is allowed.  
  • Gyms, yoga and all exercise venues


  • Please wear a mask for curbside pickup and any stores you enter.
  • Masks are not required on the beach.  However, masks ARE required when walking over the dune to and from the beach where the walkway is less than 10 feet wide.


  • Social distancing is required on the beaches.  Please keep your group at least 6 feet away from others.
  • The 68th Street beach will be guarded and there will be roaming lifeguard patrols in other areas.
  • Please stay calm and be respectful of others on the beach.


  • All garbage/trash must be placed in containers with lids or you will be fined.  Uncovered garbage is susceptible to birds ripping open the bags.
  • Please don’t discard your used masks and gloves on the ground. Put them in a proper garbage container or dispose of them at home.

What’s Open Beginning June 1st  (subject to the Governor’s approval)

    • More selected beaches will be open and guarded based on weather and water temperature
    • Beach badges are required beginning June 1st.  The Mayor recommends buying badges early as the Governor may require restricting badge sales.
    • Public restrooms, Bayview Park, Holgate parking, all recreational facilities
    • Long Beach Township building will open with some limitations.
    • Short term rentals are allowed
    • Outside dining will be allowed on a trial basis plus other businesses will be opening.
    • On June 5th the Shuttle will begin operating on weekends only.  No standing passengers allowed.
  • On June 20th the Gator program will resume taking beachgoers. Protective shields will separate the driver from passengers.  This service will be limited to seniors and handicapped individuals only and only two passengers at a time.

The Mayor also said Long Beach Township has recommended that the Governor’s Office direct the Alcoholic Beverage Commission to allow outside food and alcohol consumption until October 15th.  Stay tuned.

As a final note, the Mayor mentioned let us all remember what this weekend is really about – remembering those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

Stay safe.  Stay healthy.